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Tomahawk kit business status. October 1, 2009 Update:

Native American Craftsman, Inc
14455 Ballantree Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Email: tomahawkcars@hotmail.com

9/22/03 News

Rory Bateman has relocated to a new and larger workshop not far from one he moved into back in February of 2002. The bigger news, however, is about his final perfection of his long awaited 4 piece, modular hard top for the earliest generation Z based kits.

Pictured at left is first finished top showing Rory Bateman's unique adaptation of one of his older Stallion Targa style rear section designs with reproduction of a center "T" section from a 280ZX T-Top center frame to fit on the earlier generation S30 based kits. T-tops pictured are actual Nissan 280ZX stock T-Tops. Fit is excellent, very tight and well sealed. Slight overhang of outer chrome strip hopefully can be corrected by removal and replacement by a thinner, fabricated replacement.



Second photo shows just the two original Rory Bateman custom designed and hand manufactured pieces mounted in place on car minus Nissan stock T-Top glass. Both fiberglass pieces have matched inner liner fiberglass panels bonded to outer section to make each piece both rock solid and cosmetically attractive. Look at a wide variety of modern day fiberglass kits in the market these days and you seldom will see this level of quality and finish. Very Clean

Click on 2 images to see 100k-120k larger images

2/12/02 News.

Rory Bateman has a new workshop in the Sacramento area. His first order of business has been to design and produce a long awaited hard top for current Tomahawk owners. Click on image to review a few more of the prototype in development.

Although, Rory tells me that it may be awhile before he may accept new orders for his Tomahawk kits, you can now send inquiries to him at the address below. Because of time constraints he may not be able to reply to all, but he said he would do his best if time allows.

8/7/01 News. The Tomahawk Owners Club of Northern California recently met in Sacramento, CA for their annual BBQ and Tomahawk story swapping. Rory Bateman, many of his customers and Tomahawk fans were in attendance with some spectacularly good looking Tomahawk cars parked outside of Steve and Pam Cameron's spacious and hospitable new home.

3rd Tomahawk kit design showcased. Apart from the well known, often showcased, Tomahawks of Vincent Hudson, Rory Bateman and Steve Cameron, Dee F. showed up with his freshly painted and mostly completed silver 300ZX prototype. By far, Dee's gorgous new silver car is the biggest news in the Tomahawk club right now, especially after being shown for the first time in finished form at the big Knot's Berry Farm Kit Car Extravaganza in Los Angeles this past April.

BTW, the big West Coast Z Car Nationals were being held on the same weekend nearby to the Knott's Berry Farm show and many Tomahawk and Z car owners were zipping back and forth between these 2 events because of all the overlapping interests. Dan Claridge, of San Jose, an aspiring Tomahawk owner himself, fell in love with the looks of Dee's new 300ZX prototype and told me afterwards that he intends to pursuit Rory to the ends of the earth to get him to build him one ASAP. Dan sent me several photos from the show of Dee's car, several of which I hope to display soon.

Before Dee left with his silver Tomahawk, I managed to take several quick shots from many angles. After I have prints from that roll, I will post a few in the Tomahawk Photo Gallery.

With the 300ZX design now complete and one example on the road, Rory Bateman, of the American Indian Craftsman Tribe manufacturing company, now has separate Tomahawk kit designs to fit 3 generations of Nissan's popular Z car, the 1970-78 (S30), 1979-83 280ZX (S130), and 1984-89 300ZX ( Z31) models.

Tomahawk kit business status. Feb 12, 2002 Update:

Until recently, Rory has been without adequate shop space to produce his kit and has been busy with looking for a satisfactory new shop and production facility that he can resume production in. According to Rory, he feels that he is close to closing a deal on a new space and hopes to be back into limited production within a few months.

However, many of you may not be able to place an order for a quite some time because Rory informed me that he hopes to first produce a small personal fleet of Tomahawk cars to be used for tourist rentals in Hawaii before he again starts accepting orders from private parties. His rental fleet project could take longer than just a few months so all you hopeful Tomahawk buyers would be advised to take a "patience pill" and resign yourselves to checking in at this Tomahawk Showcase site occassionally for your Tomahawk "fix" while Rory works out the bugs of getting his production back online.

About contacting Rory Bateman. As with many artistic and idealistic rebody designers, Rory has found from experience that he can not easily respond to all the persons around the world that desire to "talk Tomahawk" and still produce his finely crafted kits. As of late 2001 Rory Bateman now has a new workshop in the Sacramento area. His first order of business has been to design and produce a long awaited hard top for current Tomahawk owners.

In addition, my web site Tomahawk Z showcase and photography of the Tomahawk kit has placed me at the center of most internet discussion regarding the Tomahawk kit. Because of this I have received hundreds of inquiries wanting to know more about the Tomahawk, it's price and availabilty. I can not promise to answer all of your detailed questions, but I do maintain a list of all email inquiries sent me in case the Tomahawk Z kit does go back into producition in the future. In the meantime, this Tomahawk Showcase site has been published to answer all the questions I have answers for. If you do not find your answers here, then I probably do not have them either. Please restrain yourselves from asking me more because I seldom have the time to answer them in detail. - Eric Neyerlin of ZPARTS.COM

Tomahawk kit pricing? Up to early 2000, it was my understanding that the base price for his kit, non-assembled was aproximately $8995. Please do not quote me on that figure, because I am not totally clear about that figure and I failed to ask Rory about that at the last event.

Where to see Tomahawks? The next scheduled event to see many Tomahawk cars and their owners will be at the upcoming NCCKC kit car show to be held in San Leandro, CA in late September 2001. Usually this show is held at the San Leandro public marina at the end of Davis St., next to the San Francisco Bay. To get directions and learn more about this year's show you can visit the NCKCC club website or review some beautiful photo coverage of last years event at KitCar.com's NCKCC club section

I am not aware of any other scheduled Tomahawk event in the near future, but anyone attending the Knott's Berry Farm kit car extravaganza or West Coast Z Car Nationals in Southern California in late April is most likely to see many of the Tomahawks in attendance. If I learn of any more public Tomahawk events I will announce them at this site as well.

Eric Neyerlin - Photographer and Owner of Z PARTS

Last updated 2/12/02