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You Could Be....

Driving Ms.DOTTIE

Profile of Ms Dottie at Sunrise by Michael Spreadbury

  A 1972 Datsun 510  

Have you ever wished that you could buy a new Datsun 510?

Well, here is as close to a new 510 as you are likely to find—enter Ms. Dottie, a 100% original, rust free example of a Datsun 510 sedan. First off, probably one of the most remarkable things about Ms. Dottie is her mileage. As of this afternoon, Ms. Dottie has driven just 33,394 miles! She is original in every way, and has not been crashed, molested, tampered with, or abused in any fashion. This car IS a creampuff!

I bought Ms. Dottie about a year ago from the original owner, an 85-year old lady who bought her new. I have the original purchase order, window sticker, all manuals, and all other documentation that went with the sale. The original owner had to sell the car as she was too old to drive, and the car was no longer being used. When I bought the car, she told me that the car had only been driven 50-miles in the last five years. The lady also claimed that she had never driven the car on the freeway and that she had never turned on the radio. The car has never been smoked in, and it appears that the only seat that has ever been used is the driver’s seat. The car has been garaged all its life, and the original paint (I call it Cactus Green) glows! (It is also my favorite 510 color as well!)

ZP Note: The Cactus Green paint color referred to above is not accurately shown in the photo at the top of this page due to the warm sunset colors it was photographed in. Please review the photos on the Details page for a more accurate color rendition.

At this point, I thought that I would give you a walk-around of the car and give you an idea of its amazing condition. To read a detailed description of the Ms. Dottie and view accompanying photos please go to the next page.

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